Monthly Archives: February 2018

Slow computer? You must be Win-doze-ing…

The current state of the PC market is that you must spend an extra $200 to $300 on a new computer to run Windows 10 properly. The same thing is happening to Windows 7 as well. Thanks to all the new updates, all versions of Windows are running slow without special new hardware that most people are unfamiliar with.

That new hardware is “SSD”, a.k.a. “Solid State Drive”. It makes computers run three to five times faster because it uses memory chips instead of moving mechanical parts.

It’s best to get an SSD with a new computer. Retrofitting can be done on current computers but is not a cheap or sure thing to transfer everything seamlessly.

Many computers already have SSDs. MacBook Air, Google Chrome Books and Boxes, iPads, etc. are all examples of this.


Android Tablets

This is a quick note about Android Tablets. After trying a couple of them over the past six years, all I can say is that they’re pretty bogus, have short lives, never get updated after a year or so, etc. My Google Nexus 7 failed after four years, where its flash memory went bonkers. I still have my LG V700, but it’s slow and vulnerable to hacks because its operating system stopped getting updates a long time ago.

Beware of “free” tablets given away along with cell phone plans. The companies give them away because they want you to rack up extra monthly charges, especially for data.

Kindle tablets are ok if you just use them as readers, but other than that, they’re fairly limited and filled with ads to make up for their low prices.

Instead of Android tablets, I use Apple iPads.  They’re the proverbial Eveready bunny of tablet computers. I recommend them highly.