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Geomagnetic Storms cause power glitches

Solar Cycle

We’re heading into the next peak in the solar sunspot cycle, which will top out in the spring next year.  Solar flares cause interruptions in radio activity, and can impact internet connections, marginal network boxes like routers and switches, and wireless devices.

In addition to strong radio signals and X-rays, sometimes a solar flare will send a plasma of hydrogen gas into the Earth’s magnetic field, triggering a geomagnetic storm.  Geo storms impact the electrical grid and can cause power cuts and surges.

That’s why I recommend top quality surge protectors.  Tripplite is my favorite brand.  You can get them locally at ERI Electronics on Mottman Rd., or on-line.

Here’s a link for checking solar activity:


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Today we’ve been having fun with Geomagnetic Storms.  Comcast had widespread outages in our area, and alarm systems are still getting tripped.  I’m sure the Spring Monsoon isn’t helping either.  Lots of cold, heavy rain, and there’s still snow falling in the mountains.  Ah yes, and now it’s hailing.  One of my customers told me they’ve not been using their pool until June for the past few years because of the cold springs we’ve been having.

Here are some links to watch the Geomagnetic activity: